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How to Order Items from CDTS

By Mail

Books, maps, and other items may be ordered by mail addressed to Continental Divide Trail Society, 3704 N. Charles St. (#601), Baltimore MD 21218. Checks may be payable to "CDTS." Orders from outside the United States should be by international postal money order or bank draft payable in U.S. dollars.

The order form on this page may be selected, copied to your word processor, filled out, and sent in to CDTS. (It can not be completed online.) However, an order may be submitted in any form so long as it includes necessary information including items desired and address. If the order includes membership dues, be sure to submit the contact information indicated on the Membership page, either by submitting the form on that page or by including the information with your payment.

Bookstores should inquire about resale discount information. (Our ISBN prefix is 978-0-934326-.)


We are not set up to accept direct payments by credit card. Purchases may be charged, however, on your PayPal account. To set up a PayPal account, click here. When the account is established, you can "Send Money" to anyone with an e-mail address. If you already have a PayPal account, you may access it by clicking here.

You may list the items being ordered  in the "Note" box on the PayPal "send money" form. (Itemized dollar amounts, computed according to the order form below, do not have to be listed in the "Note" box.)

Or you can send this information in a separate message -- either on our Contact Us page or by using the order form below. (Select it, copy it to your word processor, fill it out, and send it by e-mail to mail@cdtsociety.org).

If the order includes membership dues, be sure to submit the contact information indicated on the Membership page.

Choose "Goods - Non-Auction" in the PayPal drop-down menu for "Type" of transaction. The "Amount" to be sent should include all charges, including membership dues and shipping if applicable. This amount should be sent to "mail@cdtsociety.org".


# ordered

Description (with ISBN item)

Full price

Member price


Guide to the Continental Divide Trail
  vol. 1: Northern Montana 15.95 15.00  
  vol. 2: Southern Montana and Idaho      --- Part 1, Part 2 31.95 30.00  
  vol. 3: Wyoming 13.95 12.00  
  vol. 4: Northern Colorado 13.95 12.00  
  vol. 5: Southern Colorado 15.95 15.00  
  vol. 6: Northern New Mexico 15.95 15.00  
  vol. 7: Southern New Mexico 15.95 15.00  
  vol. 3: Wyoming 10.95 10.00  
  vol. 4: Northern Colorado 10.95 10.00  
Printed Maps
  Map-Pak 1: Northern Montana 24.00 22.00  
  Map-Pak 2: Southern Montana and ID 48.00 46.00  
  Map-Pak 3: Wyoming 40.00 36.00  
  Map-Pak 4: Northern Colorado 78.00 75.00  
  Map-Pak 5: Southern Colorado 80.00 75.00  
DVD and Videos
  How To Hike the CDT 42.00 39.50  
  MT/ID Diary 22.00 20.00  
  Overexposed  - Blu-Ray 37.50 35.00  
  Overexposed - standard 32.50 30.00  
  Journey on the Continental Divide 37.50 35.00  
Other Items
  Archived newsletters 35.00 32.00  
  Recent newsletters (2005-2009) 12.00 10.00  
  CDTS-logo patch (members only) N.A. 4.00  


Sales tax Sales tax (for Maryland orders) - 6%      


Membership [use Membership link to submit contact information]
  Annual dues (orders through 6-30-12)



  Annual dues (effective 7-1-2012)



  Additional contribution*      


Shipping No charge if order is limited to membership and/or patches. Otherwise use one of the following three:  
  Book rate (in U.S.): $2.00 per order [not per item] .  
      ^^ Priority mail (in U.S.): $5.00 per order if ^^SUBTOTAL, above,  is less than $75.00. $8.00 per order if ^^SUBTOTAL is $75.00 or more.  
  For international shipments, inquire in advance.  


[Shipping information: provide name and address below]  

* Contributions to support the work of the Society are welcome and appreciated, but are not tax-deductible.

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